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Lessons of the New Year

Kori LoeweComment
Lessons of the New Year

Hey! I just realized it has been a super long time since I’ve posted something. I started a business coaching program in the fall to teach me how to create and market online courses and honestly between my therapy practice and that, I’ve been swamped. BUT now that my online business is up and going I want to get back to the blog.

(Sidenote: I started a FREE Facebook group for women struggling with toxic relationships so if you’re interested join here. I do make offers in the group to purchase online coaching packages and other educational materials but participation in the group is completely free.)

The New Year is always a good time to reflect on your year, progress, goals, obstacles, attitudes, etc. I know that New Years resolutions have a horrible reputation for lasting only until mid-January but I think it gives this built-in opportunity to reflect, recenter, and refocus a bad name.

2018, for me, was about facing fears and learning how empowering that process can be (as you remember from my previous post in September.) I’ve always been more of a risk taker, I guess, and more wiling to try new things or push forward in business. But with the launching of my online business I faced one of my biggest fears - being visible on social media.

By nature, I am a private person and with the history I have of trauma, addiction, and mental illness the idea of opening myself up online to possible criticism or even rejection was terrifying. This tendency began to conflict with my business goals when I learned how valuable social media can be, especially to reach non-traditional audiences with information on mental wellness and emotional health. (MOST people who need mental health services won’t seek therapy so online coaching is a viable and cost-effective option for service delivery)

So, I had a choice. Stay stalled in my business and personal development or swallow my fears and do what I needed to do. I choose to face my fear. I invested in a coaching package to hold me accountable, give me support, and teach me the parts that I didn’t know (like marketing) and went full steam ahead.

The lesson I learned long ago, that bravery is not the absence of fear but the willingness to forge ahead despite our fear was reinforced on a different level for me in 2018.

It’s important to point out that fear can mean two things: danger or push through. Obviously when there is legitimate fear for your safety then you should prioritize that and take care for yourself. BUT when the fear is about things like growth or new levels in your journey then it’s a sign to push through. And the best part is we’re often rewarded with empowerment, increased confidence, and growth on the other side. Trust me, that feeling is totally worth the discomfort of doing something you’re afraid of!

So, I hope to take this bravery with me into the New Year and that my willingness to be more open will take me to new levels of growth. I hope to use it to help more people overcome the pain and struggles in their own life. What was the lesson you learned in 2018 and what are you hoping to achieve in 2019? I’d love to hear about it!

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